Need custom branding?


Our designers are also available to custom design an original decoration to coordinate with your décor and tabletop.

Please supply the following to your Continental salesperson.

  • concept sketches
  • pictures / drawings
  • photographs
  • menus

Lead Times


Two to four weeks after request has been initiated.


After custom design has been approved and returned to Continental – approximately 4-6 weeks.


Initial order

  • 1200 pieces. Call your Continental salesperson for details.
  • Orders are subject to a 10% overage/shortage.
  • Repeat orders – 300 pieces.

For additional information regarding design consultation, delivery information, minimum order requirements, and custom sample request forms, please contact your Continental salesperson.

The colours reproduced here are approximate due to printing limitations, but they give you a good idea of the range of ceramic colours available. Custom colours and precious metals are also available upon request. Call your Continental representative for more information