How it all started:

In the past Continental China organized charitable donations on an ad hoc basis. As the socio economic needs of the surrounding communities became greater, the Company received more and more requests to assist worthy causes.

During 2002 the Board of Directors decided to make the charitable donations count by formalizing the structure. The aim was to contribute to the socio economic development of the surrounding communities. The employees of the Company were asked to nominate charitable organizations from their communities. The Company received the contact information of several organizations in Blackheath, Eerste River, Macassar, Mfuleni and Gugulethu.

The first monthly financial donations started in December 2002, and nine years later we are proud to say that we are still associated with organizations that are making a difference in our community.

  • Blackheath Primary School, situated in Blackheath, uses the monthly financial assistance exclusively for their feeding scheme. They believe that Education is a bridge to a better future for the impoverished learners from the Happy Valley community. The daily feeding scheme project includes porridge before school and one cooked meal per day for 400 children. The feeding scheme improves the attention and focus of the children on their school work, as well as their daily attendance.
  • CENIDA (Centre for the Intellectually Disabled), situated in Macassar, was founded by Mignon Leitch in 1997 after two children with Down syndrome burnt to death in Chris Hani Park. It was clear that the community needed a specialized care facility and Cenida is committed to provide this professional service. They employ three teachers for the 22 pupils, and the monthly financial contribution from the Company is used towards the salaries of the teachers.
  • Child Welfare, is operating in the Eerste River area, and the monthly financial assistance is towards the “Eye-on-the-Child-Project”. This project has 67 community volunteers that are involved in following up on high risk families in the community. They also provide safety and protection to abused, abandoned and neglected children, through the operation of safe houses.
  • Steinthal Children’s Home, is situated in Tulbach, and the Company is supporting the “Smiling Face Project”. The aim of this project is to provide each of the 160 children with a Christmas gift at the end of the year.